Freshly Roasted

Aljana Artisanal Coffee

Carefully selected coffee from Lago Atitlan is available in quality or economic packages, whole bean or ground, light, medium, medium dark or dark roast.

Exceptional Flavor

We source our coffee from Micro Lots around lake Atitlan. In San Marcos La Laguna we process from the fresh harvested to cherry to green coffee in our own beneficio. We roast on a 5kg drum roasting machine using our signature roast profiles developed over the last 10 years. We cater to each customers preferences by offering different roast levels. Our coffee is always freshly roasted, all year around.

We also support a womens coop from the Ixil region in quiche by roasting marketing their USDA organic certified coffee in Guatemala.

The certified organic coffee from the women’s coop of Ixil, Quiche is only available as a medium roast.

Arabica Coffee

  • Fresh Roasting: We roast our coffee in small batches, ensuring that each bag arrives at your doorstep with the freshest aroma and flavor.
  • Roast Levels: Choose from a spectrum of roast levels—light, medium, or dark—to match your preferred coffee intensity and flavor notes.
  • Ethical Impact: By choosing Aljana, you support ethical sourcing practices that benefit local communities and contribute to sustainability.
  • Flavor Profiles: Our coffee beans boast a wide array of flavor profiles, from nutty and chocolatey to fruity and floral, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Brewing Possibilities: Aljana Artisanal Coffee is adaptable to various brewing methods, from pour-over to French press, allowing you to craft your perfect cup.
  • Elevated Experience: Our dedication to quality from bean to cup ensures a consistently remarkable coffee experience that uplifts your daily routine.

Artisanal Coffee

Whether you prefer a personal supply or seek quantities for distribution, we've got you covered.

Economic Package

  • 250g Bag
  • 454g Bag
  • 500g Bag
  • 1362g Bag

Premium Package

  • 350g Bag
  • 400g Bag
  • 450g Bag
  • 500g Bag
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